LearningFelt Felt Boards For Children

Story Time Felts and More produces its own products in the U.S.A. and sells them exclusively through Independent Story Time Felts  Consultants like myself. Our felt is completely machine washable(in cold and air dried), as well as colorfast, resistant to tearing,  and is softer and thicker than other felts you can purchase. The Story Time Felts manufacturing process is unique in that the artwork is actually dyed into the felt for long lasting color and quality. Our products will last through generations of happy children’s felt board storytelling!

Experts agree that kids these days spend too much in front of the t.v. or playing computer games, so we offer something that is High Touch, not High Tech! Imagination is rediscovered and encouraged with Story Time Felts!

I am Tammy Lessick, Story Time Felts and More Independent Consultant #12699, and I am proud to offer you the finest in creative, educational, religious, preschool and holiday felt boards and felt board activities for young children.  Please visit my LearningFelt website to view my felt board and more products.



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