Moms Own Words Giveaways

Rock N Learn DVD Giveaway. Ends November 30.  US only.

Amazon Rain Lluvia Replenishing Moisturizer Giveaway.  Ends November 30.  US only.

Mastrad Orka Plus Oven Mitts Giveaway. Ends November 28.  US only.

Smoke Detectors w/ Energizer Batteries Giveaway.  Ends November 25.  US only.

Carmex Skin Care Kit Giveaway.  Ends November 23.  US only.

Community Coffee Holiday Duo Giveaway. Ends November 22.  US only.

Tony Bennett Duets II CD and Bobble Head Doll Giveaway. Ends November 18.  US only.

$25 Target Gift Card giveaway. Ends November 17.  US only.

SlantShack Jerky Chef’s Choice (3 pack) giveaway.  Ends November 14.  US only.

Tenzi Family Dice Game giveaway.  Ends November 17.  US only.


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