Chickadee Chickadee Children’s Clothing Giveaway

Hey Tammy!  Another giveaway for you if you would be willing to share.  Thanks a bunch!! 🙂
Direct link to the giveaway :

  1. Link to a picture of the prize (for detailed instructions on how to get this, please view our image tutorial here. Due to Blogger’s rules, this link cannot be to a blogger-hosted image):
  2. Prize: [prize] $25 shop credit to Lil Mar & Co to spend as you desire AND $25 shop credit to Chickadee Chickadee
  3. Prize value: $[x] $50
  4. Number of winners: [x] 1
  5. Ending date of the giveaway: 07/06/12 at 11pm Eastern
  6. Where it can be won: US only
  7. The prize is from: Chickadee Chickadee Children’s Clothing AND Lil Mar & Co

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